To Tell the Truth

by Ryan

Puck Daddy has an interesting post about a Flyers/Penguins game last Thursday. Philadelphia had a goal reviewed by Toronto after a puck appeared to cross the goal line against Pittsburgh’s Brent Johnson. The only television crew covering the game was FSN Pittsburgh, who didn’t send a certian camera angle to Toronto until after a decision was made. They didn’t show it on air until that decision, either:

Now officials are looking into whether they intentionally hid that angle from league officials. The Flyers won the game in the end, but it would be the ultimate in homerism if they decided FSN did something wrong.

Wild speculation here, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that were the case. The Penguins television feed is one of the worst broadcasts I’ve ever heard, with awful play by play and a penchant for homerism. Sabres fans are no stranger to biased broadcasts, but Paul Steigerwald is at the top of the list in my book. On his broadcast Sidney Crosby can do no wrong, and the rest of the league no right.

Now I try to remain level-headed when it comes to these kind of things, and I know hometown bias is a trademark of NHL broadcasts. It’s easy to say that everyone loves Sidney Crosby and conspiracy theories and yadda yadda yadda, but Steigerwald is completely over the top in every sense of the word. Everyone wants their team rooted for on their home feed, and I understand that. However, the question here is simple: would a television broadcast intentionally help the team they cover?

Words are words, but intentionally effecting the outcome of the game would absolutely cross the line in this case. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a network doing such a thing, and maybe FSN wasn’t trying that either. Still, it’s been a rough season for the crew, who has already dealt with The Hobey Baker Joke.

It’s easy to pick on something as arbitrary as play by play, but I mention it because I wonder what broadcast you dislike the most. You guys watch a lot of hockey, and I know many of you have the Center Ice package. Which broadcast ranks up there as the worst in your mind? I have the Penguins feed as my #1, that’s for sure.


  1. I agree. The Penguins broadcast is awful. It’s not just the homerism either, they are annoying. I liked Bob Errey as a player and he is okay on the NHL Network but he is just as bad as Steigerwald on the Pens broadcast.

    The Flyers radio guys are a close second. Tim Saunders is the most biased play-by-play guy ever. Brian Propp was the former color analyst but I believe that Chris Therien does it now.

  2. Ducks broadcasts are high on my list. I can’t recall the names of the announcers, but they’re abysmal. They’re prone to going off on wild tangents, seeming to completely forget that there’s a hockey game occurring that they’re allegedly being paid to talk about. Even when they are actually talking about the game, they don’t seem to have much of a clue about it.

    Also, Jack Edwards may be the most notorious homer, but at least he’s fun to listen to.

  3. Mox

    After the Penguins I would have to say the Lightning and Panther broadcasts are my least favorite. Nothing puts me to sleep quicker than a Florida or Tampa hockey broadcast.

  4. Ogre39666

    One this I think you need to reinforce in this piece is the difference between commentators (play-by-play men and color commentators) and a broadcast. Yes, the commentators are part of the broadcast team, but it wasn’t Steigerwald or his colorman who may or may not have intentionally failed to send the particular camera angle, that was FSN. However, while saying that, I have personally heard from friends who are Pens fans (and live in Pittsburgh) that they don’t like Steigerwald and wish they never got rid of Mike Lange.

  5. Mike

    I remember the Sens broadcast as being bad. Ridiculous homers and downright condescending to the Sabres.

  6. Matty Dubs

    Producer has been suspended. Justice!

  7. “However, the question here is simple: would a television broadcast intentionally help the team they cover?”

    I’m surprised Jack Edwards hasn’t used a sniper rifle on the opposition yet. He’s by far the worst. Lucic could actually murder someone on the ice and Jack would argue that the guy had it coming.

    Brian Hawyard is probably the worst color guy.

    Oh! How could I forget Joe! The only man who thinks that, even though it’s midway through the 3rd period, I might not know what colour the Sabres are wearing tonight!

  8. Mox

    The Thrashers broadcast is pretty pathetic. I don’t think these guys can put together complete sentences.