Tighten Your Helmet, Kid

by Ryan

Here’s the only fun part of the first period for Sabres fans:

Yet again, Kaleta was the spark that got the Sabres going in the second period. He made the (very clean) hit, drew a penalty for it and was a target the rest of the game. This is the newer, shinier version of Pat Kaleta this year, and I think I’m in love.


  1. Anon.

    How was that a clean hit? Kaleta clearly left his feet.

  2. http://www.honkifyoulovejustice.com/gallery2/d/2685-1/KaletaCarterCropped.jpg

    Still from the point where he hit (yes, captured from the YouTube – best I could do on short notice), with Kaleta’s feet on the ice when contact is made. Elbow down and everything.

  3. People who complain about every hit against their team being dirty, do a real discredit to those that actually are.

    He isn’t coming from behind
    He isn’t hitting with his elbow
    He isn’t leaving his feet
    He isn’t hitting Carter’s head

  4. SueInVirginia

    Loved that hit!

  5. Mox

    whoever thinks it’s a dirty hit because he left his feet after the point of collision needs to go study some physics.

  6. Love that hit. Kaleta provides such a huge spark for this team and I’m glad to have seen him generating some offense this season too. Gotta keep an eye on him every time he steps out on the ice.

  7. Jeff

    We could use some more like that! Carter had his head up, Kaleta didn’t aim for it. Nobody gets hurt but someone gets blown up, and it’s awesome.