Miller’s Uncle Sam Head

By Chris

Hockey Night in Buffalo has a sneak peek at the mask Ryan Miller will wear during the Olympics next month. Let’s take a look.

From that angle, it’s pretty awesome. I’m willing to bet there aren’t any dragons or tigers on the other side. It kind of looks like there might be a bald eagle there. Thoughts?

You can read about the guys who made it here.


  1. haha. the main article calls turco a “former nhl goalie”. he may be playing like a central hockey league goalie, but he’s not out of the nhl yet.

  2. Amy

    It really is a nice design, definitely better than the tiger mask. I can’t wait to see what the other side looks like. But does Uncle Sam have a wonky brow just like Miller, or is it me?

  3. Fleets

    Don’t like it…It’s a once in a lifetime tournament for most…and that’s it?!

  4. donbrandt

    I think the design is sweet but I don’t know so much about the actual paint job. I mean the last two masks this guy has put out are real soft on the color and it almost looks pastel like. Team USA’s jerseys have more of a Navy blue and the red is darker. The mask just looks so bright.

    Also he seemed to have gone a little overboard with the starburst/flare or whatever you want to call it. Looks like a kid who just found the lens flare effect in photoshop.. now its everywhere!

  5. trevor

    Not to get overly political, but I cringe at how blatantly pro sports act as shills for the state. You can’t watch a football game without having a field-sized flag displayed during the anthem. Yeah, we’re ‘at war’ — pointless war, and I’m basically sickened at how it’s glorified.

    I’m no fan of the Olympics per se, with the inclusion of pro athletes and the forced taxpayer subsidy in the cities in which they’re held. And while playing a sport with fellow countrypeeps isn’t necessarily indicative of sanctimonious nationalism, I’m pretty sure we’re past the day when Uncle Sam can be used as the portrayal of positive strength.

    Whoops, probably got overly ‘political’ after all, but now I just want the U.S. to make an early exit for more reasons than concern over Miller getting hurt on the team that actually counts.

  6. LCpl of Marines

    Trevor…you’re ridiculous. If you don’t like the use of the visual metaphor, then keep it to yourself. Uncle Sam is pulling his sleeves up to fight. Yes, fight. Just as Miller is fighting for the win every time he skates onto the ice? Something you obviously know NOTHING about, because of your ignorant comment about a pointless war. I would like you to tell my best friend that is in Marjah right now that this war is pointless. To many people like myself in the military, we fight for our families, our friends, THIS COUNTRY THAT YOU LIVE IN. Get ahold of yourself and please, think before you say anything again…ever.

  7. jim

    Trevor, all I can say is what a big dumb douche you are. It is the elitist “I know better than you” narrow minded attitude that no one care about or wants to hear. If you don’t like sports don’t watch. Why don’t you go spend that time instead bowing before your Nancy Pelosi, ACORN, blame America first alter. Your comments show you for who you really are, a scumbag, knucklehead. All I can say is U.S.A….U.S.A…..U.S.A…..U.S.A! By the way, the helmet is dope.

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