Live From Buffalo

by Ryan

This photo isn’t from last night, but I can’t find any good images of Hecht’s shootout winner against Martin Brodeur. In fact, this may serve as proof that it probably didn’t happen. We may have to break this down like the Zapruder film just to make sure Hecht actually made Marty Brodeur look that bad, or if he did it to himself.

Either way, we’ll have something more concrete about last night’s game later on, but since we’re a few games into our BfloBlog/TGR live blogs I wanted to see what you guys thought of them. The turnout has been pretty solid, and so for those who have shown up… what do you think?

Also, if you haven’t participated in one or have no idea what I’m talking about, well, why not? Join us on Friday and brush up on your Cover it Live skills. We’ve been having fun running the chats, and we hope you have had fun as well.


  1. Jeanne

    I was really missing Bfloblog’s live game threads this year, so I am really glad to see CoverItLive. Keep it up!

  2. I videotaped the shootout at the game. The zoom is terrible, but I have the footage that can blow this “Jochen Hecht won the game in the shootout” case wide open.

  3. Nah, I’m pretty sure that was someone else. Paetsch, probably. Still not done in the lab just yet…