In the Lead?

by Ryan

I don’t love Ross McKeon, but I do love these three paragraphs:

The debate has only begun regarding this year’s top Calder candidate. And while the crop is once again deep, the clear-cut favorite is Buffalo Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers(notes), and not because of his gaudy offensive numbers for the position he plays or the impressive minutes and responsibilities he logs as a 19-year-old rookie.

Myers, who turns 20 on Feb. 1, is the favorite because he’s the most unique first-year player to enter the league since Alexander Ovechkin. Just like Ovechkin broke the stereotype of a young Russian by playing with an enforcer’s intensity while displaying the skill of a superhuman – and he hasn’t stopped – Myers does things most NHL defenseman just don’t attempt, especially for his size and lack of experience.

There’s only one reason why someone standing 6-feet-8 before he puts skates on jumps into the play as often and as effectively as Myers does, and that’s because he’s confident in his abilities to be a difference-maker and not afraid to make a play. Myers is Chris Pronger(notes) with more skill or Scott Niedermayer(notes) with more size.

Is the Calder Trophy really wrapped up already? I was really impressed by Matt Duchene when we played Colorado a few weeks back, and John Tavares has been good as well. Of course we’ve seen Myers more than any of those players, but is he really running away with this thing?

One Comment

  1. Of course those of us who follow the Sabres closely love his chances, but the more the national media thinks he’s got a real shot at this, the more inclined I am to believe it. It’s hard not to be excited by the notion of Myers winning the Calder, isn’t it?