Hype and Purple Pain

by Ryan

Could it have ended any other way?

Despite a postseason filled with blowouts and some mediocre football, yesterday’s Championship Sunday gave us two very, very good games. Watching Peyton and the Colts outmatch the Jets was pretty damn impressive, and the Saints/Vikings showdown was fantastic.

The latter was a mistake-filled, turnover frenzy that many would hate if lesser teams were involved. Seeing Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin fumble the game away, however, was all part of a highly entertaining game that ended with a very tedious overtime period.

It’s easy to be cynical about the Peyton Manning love affair that will be aired over the next two weeks, or the “story” that is New Orleans’ first Super Bowl appearance; but I have to admit I’m genuinely excited about the matchup. Two good quarterbacks on imperfect teams will make for a good game. Neither defense is impenetrable and both offenses have tons of firepower. That’s a lot to like if you ask me.

The next 13 days are probably going to be completely insane but before we get to all that, let it be known that before all the hype I’m excited about the Super Bowl. Let’s see how I feel about it by the time the game starts.