A Thousand Word Substitute

by Ryan

I’m working on something more substantial for later on, but how good were the photos from last night’s game? This one really tells the story: Jonathan Quick stopping Connolly’s backhand in the shootout. But there were tons of cool shots from last night, and it’s always fun to see cool pictures at a hockey game.


  1. Mike

    I hate to be the kind of fan I hate, but last night’s loss really bugged me. These past few games have been close and they’ve lost them, whereas all year they’ve won the close ones. And as much as I hate to harp because of how awesome he’s been playing, Ryan Miller has to be better in the shootout. He was lockdown earlier in the year and he totally has not been clutch at all lately.
    Maybe I’ve been spoiled by their recent win streak, but bleh. They should beat the Kings. They’re a better team. No sleight to the Kings, the Sabres are just better.

  2. Cool picture mate. thanks for sharing