Turning the Tables

by Ryan

One of the things NHL does better than most leagues is create unique video content on their website. Here’s a good example of that: every goaltender-credited goal caught on video. Sabres fans will remember at least one of these:

Honestly I think the best was the backhand shot. As any street hockey goalie can tell you, that’s very, very hard to do. So how does Mika Noronen’s goal stack up to the rest of them? He didn’t have to do a whole lot, but it was still lots of fun, right? It’s a very odd stat, but he’s the only Sabres goaltender to score a goal.

Now most people know that, but what about this one? Who has the most points as a goaltender in Sabres history? I think there’s a certain PDF the Sabres provide that can give you that answer…


  1. Scott

    Love Broduer’s reaction and excitement to his first goal.

  2. Interesting to see that about half of those were just the other team messing up and passing it back into their own net…