The Mondays

by Ryan

As usual, nothing works out as I’d planned. Here’s some thoughts on the weekend and plans for the future:

– I thought the game on Saturday was very important for a number of reasons. Winning the second game of a back to back always seems tough for the Sabres, but following up on the big win on Friday was so crucial. The team needs to replicate weekends like that for the rest of the year, with Lalime coming up big and Miller following suit.

The schedule makes it impossible to not only play just one goaltender, but also to put in one solid effort. Last week the Sabres played four times and put in three good efforts for six points. That’s all well and good, but they need to do the same thing this week as well. Proving they can do it is absolutely essential, because no one knows what is going to happen after the Olympic break. They need those points now, and in a month as busy as December back to back wins are huge.

– We’ve said this a few times this season, but that game was Pat Kaleta’s best as a Sabre. Forget the fact that he had two goals, it was the effort he put in that got them in the first place. He played great hockey on both sides of the ice, forechecking in the offensive zone and playing great on the penalty kill. That’s why he put the puck in the net, and it’s important to remember.

I wanted to talk a lot more about Kaleta but never got around to writing the post, so I’ll try getting something together later this week.

– So I’ve been listening to the Beatles Box Set, and let me say that it was well worth the $100 bucks to get it. If you get a chance, there’s nothing better than listening to a remastered White Album. Great stuff.

– I didn’t get a chance to watch the Bills game live, but watching the replay I can’t say I was impressed by anything in particular. I’m not going to say they were wrong in winning and hurting their draft position or anything like that, but it is interesting that they won. Think about it: if Dick Jauron was coaching that team, they lose. That’s the perfect six point lead that gets blown in the end almost religiously over the last four years.

I have no idea if that’s a compliment to Perry Fewel or only further displays the horrible truth of the Dick Jauron Era, but either way I enjoy the fact that it’s a competitive team.

– Looking back on the last few months of the Roost, I have to say I’m not happy with what we’ve been doing. Since June or so I simply haven’t had time to do what I want here, let alone in my real life. Thankfully things have finally changed, and I have a lot less to do in the immediate future. I’m looking forward to the free time, as well as the chance to get back to what I like doing best: writing here.

So look for some big changes, and a lot more content over the next few months. I’m excited, and I hope you are as well.

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  1. Mark B

    Well, I’m excited!