The Goose’s Christmas List

by Ryan


Christmas is a week away, and like many of you I haven’t done a whole lot of shopping just yet. If you’re reading the site you have at least a few things in common with the four of us, and you might even know a few people like us as well. So, if you’ve yet to shop for someone special and are short on ideas, we thought it would be fun to give you a couple of gifts we would love. – As Red Sox fans living outside of the traditional Boston market, Rich and I cannot recommend this enough. The video player has few hiccups, the archives are great, and being able to watch three or more baseball games a day is a gift that keeps on giving.

– Center Ice – Universal truth: it is never a bad time to order Center Ice, and that includes Christmas. If you are getting a nice television, get some HD hockey to go with it.

The Book of Basketball– Bill Simmons – Plenty has been said about this book, but it still remains a must-read for NBA fans. Anyone who has read Simmons at ESPN for the past few years will know his style and what to expect out of this massive book.

Eating the Dinosaur– Chuck Klosterman – If Simmons isn’t your style you might not love Klosterman, but his latest collection of essays is excellent. “Eating the Dinosaur” has two of the best sports essays I’ve ever read included among 14 thought-provoking pieces, and the essay about ABBA isn’t bad, either. If I had time I would have done a Reading With the Roost post about it, but this is my advertisement to buy this book. Go get it and come back here so we can talk about Ralph Sampson.

Sports Propaganda – Anything from these guys will blow your mind. What started out as just Red Sox memorabilia has become the place to go for all kinds of cool merchandise.

Canisius/Niagara Men’s Basketball Doubleheader – The annual MAAC presence at HSBC Arena has been doubled this year, and on January 2 the rivals will play back to back. Canisius has turned out to be a scrappy team this year, and 7-4 Niagara currently holds a share of the MAAC conference lead. Iona may be awful but Fairfield/Canisius should be a pretty interesting game, and it’s a cheap date for sure.

NCAA Tournament Tickets – If you’re looking to spend a bit more, getting First Round NCAA tickets is the way to go. With Syracuse projected to play in Buffalo, that could be a heck of a weekend depending on how things play out.

That’s just a quick list of things we would like to see under the tree. Anyone else have anything they’d like to add? Have anyone they need to shop for with no clue what to get them? Let’s make sure every Buffalo sports fan wakes up Christmas morning with a gift ready to unwrap.

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  1. Canisius/Niagara Men’s Basketball Doubleheader

    I believe that calls for a “Woot!”