Star Power and Target Practice

by Ryan

This happened last Monday, but after a rough weekend for the Sabres you might need something to cheer you up. Here’s Ryan Miller being an unlucky and very kind human being.

I think we’ve all tried that “hit a three inch spot with a puck” game on the ice, whether on a goal post or a little spot on the boards. It’s extremely unlikely to do it right when you’re trying, let alone in the middle of a game when you just want to get the puck to the corner.

Still, how great is Ryan Miller? I don’t want to gush, but you hear so much about what he does for charity and how he is in public, but something like this really does prove that he’s a genuine guy. Here he is in the middle of pitching a shutout, as focused as possible, and he immediately snaps out of that to make sure a cameraman is okay. He even keeps him in mind the entire second half of the game, giving his stick to the guy before he would even celebrate with his teammates.

It might be nothing, but in an age where we’re constantly let down by our athletes, it’s nice to see something like that from the franchise goaltender. I’m sure someone will email us some horrible story about him punching babies on Elmwood, but right now I like being able to think of him as a really nice guy.

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  1. MattRichWarren

    Pretty cool. Pretty cool.