Pixelated Ryan Miller and More

by Ryan

Every so often I post a screenshot that looks something like this:


Now I know what you’re thinking: Derek Roy is not a number one center. This is true, but I think the bigger question is how am I playing NHL 94 with Sidney Crosby and a slug on the ice? Want to do the same? Here’s how: you need an emulator that will play video games, and then you need to find a ROM (the video game itself). Thankfully there are a ton of places to find such things, but the place you want to be is right here.

NHL94 Online is incredible. They have leagues and all kinds of other things I don’t have time for, but they do have the downloads of the ROMs on the bottom right hand side of the site. I went with the Genesis Emulator (Gens) and ROM because Sega Genesis was awesome. I don’t think there is really any arguing that. In any event, after you download Gens and the NHL 94 Rom, install Gens and you’re ready to go. Your games should look something like this:


Can we talk about how good LaFontaine was in that game? Mogilny too. That line was incredible. So, so fast. And Hawerchuk? What a line. The Sabres are so much fun to play in that game. But hey that’s not what you want to know, right? You want to play with an updated roster. So go here for a constantly updated ROM complete with new logos and jerseys. They are pretty consistent, even changing for in-season trades. Of course you just need to re-download the ROM, but that only takes a few seconds. Here’s the main screen, which has each season’s first overall pick as the “cover artist.”


Pretty cool stuff. So there, that’s how to do it. Go out and have some fun.

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  1. I loved those games (had ’93 or ’94 on SNES, for NHL and NFL). I used to love playing as the Blackhawks…Chelios, Roenick, Belfour. There was a move where I could curl around in front of the net and score pretty much every time. Only got it to work when when was attacking the upper goal, though, so I’d score a whole bunch of goals in the first and third.

    Playing now when I get home.