1. NoUseForANickname

    God that was terrible.

    Other than RM, who do you give the “game puck” too? Kennedy or Mair?

  2. Brad

    That was worse than terrible. It’s a rare game where neither team gets to 30 shots on goal, only 2 goals are scored in the entire game, and yet one team gets their doors blown off.

    The Sabres are SOFT at the blue lines (not “on” the blue line – not their D – I mean their forwards either trying to leave the D zone or enter the O-ffensive zone). They generally play hard down low, but holy shit, they are god-awful between the tops of the circles and the blue lines. Soft as butter. I’ve been noticing that for a few weeks now. They win a decent amount of battles along the walls down low – in both zones. They lose EVERY battle along the walls up top, in both zones. I haven’t been taking notice of numbers, but I just remember seeing so many pucks not get out of the zone, or, not get deep into the O-ffensive zone. I have to assume it’s mostly the soft-as-butter “top 6” who are guilty of playing like a bunch of fancy-boys around the blues lines. Is anyone else noticing this?