Gill Never Met With Players

By Chris

Updating a previous post, the Buffalo News is reporting that an alleged meeting between UB football coach Turner Gill and his players about the coaching vacancy at Kansas never occurred.

Former tailback James Starks and safety Davonte Shannon told the News that Gill hasn’t discussed the matter with the team.

“I haven’t seen Coach Turner,” Starks said. “I heard about him and Kansas on ESPN.”

UB athletic department spokesman Paul Vecchio told the News the last time team met was Nov. 29.

Yes, those sources are a heck of a lot more credible than any anonymous player who was contacted via e-mail. And that’s the last time I’ll be going to the Topeka Capital Journal for any information. We’ll continue to keep you posted if any new information becomes available.


  1. The Rick

    Ok so Topeka may not be a credible source and the Louisville job has been filled. I still think Kansas is a viable option, however Gill could be holding out to see if Brian Kelly goes to Notre Dame, Cincy has a lot more to build with right now than Kansas while playing in a much weaker conference than the BIG 12 and having to make a major bowl every year. He has interviewed at a bunch of big schools now it’s obvious he doesn’t want to commit to UB as a whole. He has his eye on the prize and will not be here much longer.

  2. Tim

    KU Could have been (maybe still can be) the job to take Gill from Buffalo but the longer this mess drags on, and it is quickly becoming an Auburn sized mess, the more likely Gill will not be the guy. Several Husker Fans ‘in the know’ over at UBFan have indicated that Gill would rather not have to play Nebraska every year but would have been willing for the right shot.

    I don’t see too many of the remaining Jobs going after Gill, and like last season Turner may have just one drama a year in him (he told Iowa State thanks but no thanks very early on).

    Cincinnati will be going, hard, after Butch Jones if they lose Kelly

    ECU (if Holtz ends up at KU) is not going to waste their time trying to rip away Gill, like WKU they don’t have the budget to make it worth Turners time.

    As to Tuners commitment to Buffalo, well thats life as a mid major. UB is paying Gill 400 to 500 K a year and by MAC standards that pretty good but any big school can easily triple that would you stay with your current job if someone offered you more fame and 3* the money to do it somewhere else?


  4. I am not judgin him for wanting to get a big payday. I am saying it is inevitable that he will be leaving sooner or later.

    Kelly is now Notre Dame’s coach as of 5 minutes ago. That Cincy job is a dream job now for a Mid-Major coach whether it be Butch Jones who is rumored for the Marshall job or a guy like Turner Gill. I think it is a much better spot than KU, it’s better to be at the top of a BCS Conference than basically a bottom dweller in one. Kansas has had it’s spurts, but going against Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska and even Oklahoma State is tough. If any coach can be successful in the Big East, it opens the door for the SEC, Big 10 or a better Big 12 team and an even bigger payday.