Giant Penguins and Head Colds

by Ryan

I’ve spent the week battling some form of microscopic death, and so I should apologize for the lack of content around these parts. Look for some things here and there tonight, and a few year-end posts before 2009 is out. I can’t say they will be spectacular, but I suppose the year wasn’t very spectacular to begin with.

But yeah, Pittsburgh. I think at this point we know what the Penguins are about. They have a good goaltender, two all-world players, and a pretty solid defensive core. The Penguins are a good hockey team, and they will have to score on Ryan Miller, who is the best goaltender in hockey. There’s not much to really say about it, we know tonight will be a good game.

What the Sabres showed us on Sunday is that they have become much more comfortable playing in front of Patrick Lalime. That’s the same thing they showed us the last time Pittsburgh was in town, and despite playing the backup the Sabres put forth a great defensive effort. They will need the same tonight, and hopefully Miller will be there when it counts.

No Derek Roy or Pat Kaleta, and Stafford will be back in the lineup.

7:00pm from HSBC Arena.