Gameday Prep: Bills vs. Patriots

by Ryan

At least he wears a hoodie better than Belichick…

The last time the Bills played New England they got as close as they ever have to ending their drought against the Patriots. The game ended in ways only a Dick Jauron-coached team can end games, a meltdown so epic most Bills fans still have nightmares over. However, with nothing left to play for but pride, the Bills have another shot at exorcising some demons. The Patriots are struggling, the Bills are riddled with injuries, but most important of all: Dick Jauron will be watching at home.

Consider this your gameday prep.

Announcers: Greg Gumbel, Dan Dierdorf

Depth Charts Buffalo (Wait, sorry. Here.), New England

Stats:, ESPN, or Yahoo Sports all do a good job. If you have fantasy teams through Yahoo, you get StatTracker free this year.

Flash Websites You Might Find Useful In Case of Blowout:

Things Worth Knowing/Mocking/Reading

– Buffalo Rumblings has your Keys to Victory for today’s game.

– Mark Gaughn compares Belichick’s Patriots to Shula’s Dolphins. Good times.

– If this game somehow does get out of hand, FOX should be showing… nothing. So good luck with that.

– Also, according to the 4pm games will be Green Bay/Pittsburgh. Over the last five weeks the Steelers have lost to the Bengals, Cheifs, Ravens, Raiders, and Browns. So much for the defending champs, eh?

– Richie Incognito has already had an interesting week. Two teams, $50,000 in fines, and he just might be starting at right guard today. Also, my girlfriend and I decided that he looks a lot like Mikey from Recess:

Don’t know the show? Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Mikey:

Mikey is a chunky, mild mannered, and philosophical 10-year old. He is good at playing goalie in soccer due to his height. He writes poetry, performs ballet, and believes in notions of peace that are often dismissed by the others. Though Mikey is known for being a “sweet-souled giant,” there have been times where Mikey is revealed to have a dark side (particularly apparent when others take advantage of him or don’t take him seriously). One episode had Mikey start a rumor about himself that he pushed a boy into the girls’ lavatory at a puppet theater. Mikey’s speaking voice was provided by Jason Davis and his singing voice was provided by Robert Goulet.

Yup, sounds just like him.

– With all the snow causing trouble in Philly and beyond, it’s kind of nice to know that it will only be partly cloudy and 19 today, right?

– With the Saints losing last night, Indy remains our only hope to make the Dolphins finally stop mentioning 1972. There’s still a chance.

Your Weekly Bill Simmons Quote About the Bills

He was too busy playing with Malcolm Gladwell to talk about football this week. Oh well.

Obligatory “Get Pumped” Video

I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl.

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Play Us Out, Mikey!

Go Bills.

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  1. I watch recess at least 3x per week at 4am.

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