Gameday Prep: Bills at Chiefs

by Ryan

Bills Maybin Football

The other side says “mostly on third downs…”

After a fairly mediocre showing against a mediocre team, you have to hope the Bills come out stronger against a flat out awful Chiefs team. The game is a sellout, barely, which means the Kansas City crowd will try to keep the Arrowhead tradition alive. Whatever.

Consider this your gameday prep.

Announcers: Bill Macatee, Steve Beuerlein

Depth Charts Buffalo (Wait, sorry. Here.), Kansas City

Stats:, ESPN, or Yahoo Sports all do a good job. If you have fantasy teams through Yahoo, you get StatTracker free this year.

Flash Websites You Might Find Useful In Case of Blowout:
Super Smash Flash

Things Worth Knowing/Mocking/Reading

– Buffalo Rumblings has your Keys to Victory for today’s game.

– Tim Graham has a nice overview of the penalties in the AFC East. Guess who leads that race…

– If you’re keeping track of “the unbeatens”, the Colts play Denver and the Saints play the Falcons. Both games should be good, and both are at the same time the Bills play. Fun.

– Also, according to the 4pm game on Fox looks to be St. Louis vs. Tennessee. Holy crap that game’s going to be awful. I mean that’s going to be really, really bad. Yikes.

– I’ve heard really bad stories about the WiFi at the Rogers Centre from the Thursday Night game, but yesterday I saw some Tweets about the wireless at Air Canada Centre being horrible as well. What is it with GTA wireless? Are cell phone signals just as bad up there?

– A look at the Bills’ not so special special teams this year. No complaints here. Moorman hasn’t been as great as he normally is, and I haven’t really looked forward to a punt or kickoff return in some time. Just not the same.

Allen Wilson of the News says the Bills will be playing in front of a less-than full Arrowhead crowd. Obvious, but true.

– Seriously, what about Kansas City scares the untrained observer? They beat the Steelers a few weeks ago, but who doesn’t beat the Steelers these days? They have no real stars, their offensive line is just as awful as the Bills, and I’m not sold on Matt Cassel as a quarterback. They may be on the “upswing” or whatever they call it, but I’m not sold at all.

– BillBoard says McGee will start today.

Your Weekly Bill Simmons Quote About the Bills (Okay, not at all)

You will attend a holiday party this weekend. You will start talking about Tiger with one or two other people. A few others will drift over saying, “Are you talking about Tiger?” Within a few minutes, the circle will be eight-deep. Conspiracy theories will be flying as Elvis’ “Blue Christmas” plays in the background. Somebody’s girlfriend or wife will say, “If that ever happened with [my man], I’d go after him with a golf club.” Everyone will laugh. Eventually, you will start talking about Obama or the Saints or something. And then an hour later? The same conversation will happen in another part of the room.

Like I said, not at all.

Obligatory “Get Pumped” Video

Oh Marv…

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Go Bills.

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