Candid Camera

by Ryan

It wasn’t the most exciting of games, but last night did give us one special moment. Here’s the video:

Okay Fisher scored the Sabres played awful, whatever. This is the screenshot that matters:



Few things here:

1) That guy is totally sniffing her fur.

2) Did the MSG cameras really scour the building for her, or did they have her scouted out in case Fisher scored? Is there some Carrie Underwood isolation camera that I don’t know about? Crosby and Ovechkin each get one when they are on NBC, right? Maybe MSG does the same for Carrie, they just don’t give us access to it because their website sucks.

3) Carrie Underwood has no idea what just happened.

4) Actually, that’s about it. Trust me, I tried finding a more flattering screenshot and didn’t have any luck. She’s about as into that game as I am into Jai alai.

Feel free to make fun of her in the comments. As far as I’m concerned, that’s about all we can take lightly about last night’s performance.


  1. Haha, as soon as they showed her on TV my friend texted me saying, “Carrie Underwood was just like, ‘Yayyy! Touchdown!!'”

  2. What kind of supportive girlfriend is she? She’s not even wearing a Senators jersey. If I was Fisher I’d be upset by this.

  3. Not another “clueless girlfriend in the stands” shot…

    It’s just too easy to rag on her. I’d rather offer her a beer or five. She looks mighty cold… and bored.