Apologies to Mr. Paetsch

By Chris

I think I owe Nathan Paetsch an apology.

Before the Maple Leafs game on Monday I wrote this about him:

Don’t expect Thomas Vanek or Patrick Kaleta in the lineup tonight. That means Nathan Paetsch will play around six useless minutes and the Sabres won’t be able to roll four lines consistently.

Naturally, he scored the game’s first goal and regular commenter Becky made sure I wouldn’t forget it.

So I’m sorry Nathan. I’m sorry you’re stuck playing forward because you peaked as a defenseman and you’ll never be able to cash in like Brian Campbell did (even though you looked like the next big thing in your rookie season).

In all fairness, he did play 9:57 on Monday. We’ll ignore the fact he didn’t touch the ice in the last six-and-a-half minutes of the third period or in overtime and played the least number of shifts of anyone on the team.

To make it up, I’m putting him on my Sabres Power Lineup roster tonight.

Hopefully he’s a +6 against the Capitals. Face off is at 7 p.m. from the Verizon Center.


  1. Motto should be “A pointless game for a pointless stat!”

  2. 😀

    Now that you’ve picked Paetsch to produce he’ll probably go back to what passes for his normal. I would have picked Myers instead of Lydman though.