All Grown Up

by Ryan


I know we’re not in the habit of giving the Sabres credit when it comes to their internet presence, but even I have to admit I’ve liked what they are doing with their Twitter feed this year.

The in-game updates are nice, but the really good work is in the extra content they’ve been providing people who are looking for it just before gametime. By far my favorite are the game notes in PDF form, which gives us fans something usually reserved for the press box on game nights. The two-page notes they provide at the arena aren’t nearly as comprehensive, and that’s something I like having around when it’s a team we haven’t seen in a while.

Beyond that, they’ve taken to doing a few offbeat things like pregame photos, coupon notifications, and even Sabre-branded practice planners for all your youth hockey needs. It’s off-beat, it’s somewhat unnecessary, but it’s exactly what Twitter and social media is all about.

The Twitter has over 7,000 followers, a fairly large audience to give tons of information about the team. Very slowly they’ve started to take advantage of the technology for more than just links to the game stories no one reads. They’ve even got Sabretooth in on the act and respond to fan questions if deemed necessary. It’s leaps and bounds better than it was over the summer, and they deserve credit for the improvements.

Now if only they would talk to us

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  1. dani

    If you keep twittering about it, I’m sure someone will take note….