Up in the Sky

by Ryan


The Sabres haven’t played since Saturday, and I’m getting sick of the static nature of their schedule. Perhaps its because of the awful weekend they came off of, but something didn’t feel right about waiting around all week for Washington. After an awful showing in Kanata and a forgettable week all around, the Sabres have a chance to right the ship before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Question is, what version of the Sabres will we see? The last two weekends have been played by completely opposite teams. The Calgary/Philadelphia pairing was downright inspiring, with Buffalo playing tough, well-played games against good teams and coming out on top. The Boston/Ottawa games, however, were flat out disappointments. Buffalo looked lost and couldn’t find the back of the net.

After the start we’ve seen, two out of the three weekends in November have featured the Bizarro-Sabres. Tonight will kick off week four of this little experiment, and I honestly have no idea which Sabres team to expect. Will the dads bring out the best in the team, or will the Bizarro-Slugs strike again. (And if they do, what does that mean for the dads? Bizarro-dads?)

Either way, a matchup against Washington just has to be fun. Ovechkin got a haircut, Mike Green will be fun, and the firepower that Washington has to offer will bring a couple of interesting matchups to the table. Most notable, Miller vs. Ovechkin. Will Thomas Vanek show up tonight? Will the return of Mike Grier bring back the Sabres of last month? Will Superman save the train from running off the tracks?

7:00pm from the Verizon Center in Washington. Tune in to find out.