Roost News, Bye Week Thoughts, and Pirates, Oh My!

by Ryan

Just a few things about… everything.

– Over the last few months I’ve become quite the phone nerd. My contract with Verizon was up and I looked long and hard for something that would last me another two years without becoming woefully inept like my last phone. After about six months of waiting, I finally got a new phone on Friday.

Yes I bought a phone on launch day, and yes I’m a huge nerd. The good news is that I’m a very happy huge nerd. So far I’ve been blown away by the phone, and would reccomend it to anyone on Verizon. It’s no iPhone killer, but there never will be one. Moto did this phone right, and I’m really happy with the experience so far. So yeah, there’s my nerd rant. I’ll talk to you about this again in about two years.

– Despite the Bills’ bye week and the fact the the Sabres haven’t played since Saturday (well, they haven’t played since Wednesday as far as I’m concerned…) this is shaping up to be quite the busy week in the Roost. On Wednesday I’ll be headed to the Sabres/Oilers game with a TBD friend, and so there will be a View post up for sure.

There will also be a quick turnaround, as Thursday night I’ll be back in the Arena for the Portland Pirates game. This time I’ll head up into the press box for that, so expect a lot of coverage of that game. I’ll try to be a bit more active in the locker room this time around, so if you have any questions you want answered let me know. I’ll see what I can do.


– Did anyone else think that Rick Jeanerret was sick on Saturday? The difference in his goal calls on Friday and Saturday night was astounding, and it wasn’t just because of the scoreboard. used the Bruins and Flyers’ video feeds for their highlights so I can’t show you guys after the fact, but let’s just hope he’s okay for Wednesday’s game.

– My friend Mike and I noticed that Tim Connolly didn’t take many faceoffs in the Philly game. Over the last two games, Connolly has gone just 0-3 (Friday) and 3-7 (Saturday) in the faceoff circle, with Clarke MacArthur taking the majority of draws on Friday night. Their numbers flipped back to normal on Saturday, but it’s interesting that Timmy pretty much took the night off from faceoffs considering he’s statistically the Sabres’ third-best centerman.

Just an observation, really. I might dig a bit further and see what I can find.

– Curtis Glencross got a three-game suspension for this hit on Chris Drury on Saturday night:

I’m not going to make the parallel we’re all thinking of, but clearly we’re taking head shots more seriously these days. Wow.

– I’m still working on some extended thoughts about the Bruins game from Saturday night. They are belated and probably not good, but there wasn’t much to like about this weekend for the Sabres.

– The football, however, was pretty good this weekend. Sometimes its’s just nice to sit back and worry only about your fantasy players for a weekend. The Patriots/Dolphins game was mildly interesting, Tampa Bay’s win was fun, and Jay Cutler threw the hell out of the ball despite getting crushed. Good times.

Next week it’s back to the slow grind that is a Buffalo Bills losing season, so enjoy tonight’s Monday Night game while you can.