Photo Booth

by Ryan

One of the best parts about the HSBC Arena press box are the photos. Perhaps if I was in it for an event demanded more than weak coke and stale popcorn it would be the food, but for me it is the pictures of great moments in Sabres history.

This year there looks to be quite a few newer ones up on the walls. There’s a picture of Kaleta hitting someone, Pominville scoring against Ottawa in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, and of Ryan Miller during the national anthems. My favorite photo, however, is this one:


There they are with the Presidents Trophy on the ice. Now no one’s really a fan of that trophy, and what got me about the photo was the look on Tim Connolly’s face:


It’s not the best picture in the world, but it’s right in front of the elevators and I didn’t want to look ridiculous. Anyway, the look on Connolly’s face was so… surly, so unsatisfied that it was kind of endearing. It might be just a coincidence, but it really looked like he wasn’t impressed at all and that’s something I want out of the players left on this team.

Plus, it looked pretty funny at the time. Besides, look at Dan Paille not caring at all. Sooo glad he got moved. Jerk.