Oh Snap! Guess What I Saw?

By Chris

Some football thoughts as we inch closer to the Saints-Patriots game which ESPN would have you believe is the biggest sporting event since the Toon Squad took on the Monstars.

—On the Bills coaching front, Perry Fewell is making the most of his try-out. The team played with some fire and were actually fun to watch yesterday. No way Dick Jauron goes for that 56-yard field goal try. And then to lay down the hammer at the end of the game instead of the typical “play not to lose” attitude was very refreshing.

Fewell may not be the guy, but he’s making Russ Brandon and Co.’s decision a little bit tougher every day. It’s hard not to root for him.

And they say the players loved Jauron, but I never saw this kind of emotion out of anyone:
What? Friends listen to Endless Love in the dark.
“What? Friends listen to ‘Endless Love’ in the dark.”

—It’s not that I’m a Saints fan by any stretch of the imagination. I simply have an undying hatred for the Patriots. So here’s to hoping New Orleans comes away with a victory tonight. And improbable as it may be, the possibility of an 18-0 Colts team facing an 18-0 Saints team in the Super Bowl is very, very cool.

—Charlie Weis is finished at Notre Dame. Supposedly NFL teams have already contacted him for offensive coordinator positions. It’s unlikely the Bills are interested (they’ve got bigger problems — like finding a general manager), but if they even strongly consider hiring him as a head coach then I’m done with the franchise.

–Something tells me Terrell Owens still has some gas left in the tank. So will he be back in Buffalo next year? Allrighty then.

—WGR’s Nick Mendola is hearing “whispers” about UB Football coach Turner Gill being a front-runner for the head coaching jobs at Kansas and Louisville. Gill won’t be with the Bulls forever so when he does decide to move on, it’s going to be for a high-profile position. Let the annual “Where Will Turner Gill Go?” game commence.

—And maybe this had something to do with the Bills game being watchable:


  1. Chris

    “so when he does decide to move on, it’s going to be for a high-profile position” Do you consider Kansas or Louisville high profile jobs? I don’t. They are much higher profile than UB, but they are still middle tier jobs. I think those are the type of schools Coach Gill will end up at, but those are not high profile.

  2. Best TV Ad EVER!!!!!

    As for “As The Gill Turners” I don’t see his time in Buffalo up just yet. The team was favored in many polls to win the MAC East again and failed to come close. Yes, I know injuries took their toll, but I have a feeling that a coach from a Mid-Major coming off a losing season will not be brought to a school in a BCS conference. College is very much what have you done lately and last season was a dream, this year was a nightmare. We all know Gill will be going elsewhere in the future, but not this season. He will need another year with a winning record and more than likely another Bowl appearance. Look for guys like TCU’s Patterson if he does not end up in ND to land Kansas and Kyle Whittingham from Utah to go to Utah. I know that they are having success where they coach, but the thought of having that Bid automatic if they win the Conference is too appealing to pass up.

  3. Kyle Whittingham to Louisville rather….

  4. I would like to see Turner Gill with the Bills (why not?)