New Look Cats

by Ryan

It appears that the Florida Panthers were in the market for new clothes last night as well:


I’ve got to admit, they did a pretty nice job with those. The actual panther looks a lot slicker than the older one, and the colors are much better than the “sunrise” array they’ve been skating with since their inception.

They picked an interesting combination of third jerseys to steal: Minnesota’s old third jersey, the Penguins’ throwback thirds, and a little bit of that weird Thrasher blue they seem to love so much.

Either way, anything is better than what they had. Their primary unis are an awful EDGE design that just looks… bad.

Or maybe I’m wrong…

One Comment

  1. i think its wrong for a team established in 1993 to pretend via its jerseys that it has a lengthier and more established history than it actually does via a retro look-a complete rip off of pittsburgh’s originals. w/e…that hockey market needs gimmicks like that to make money i guess.