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  1. I’m rather surprised at the brevity of this post. Mair has been here since 02, and he’s been a quality team-guy from day one. He was never afraid to stick up for his teammates, despite a team culture which tempted him otherwise.

    I’m equally surprised that Ruff signed off on this move. Ruff has always liked Mair, which is why he managed to stick around for more than seven seasons. Probably the fact that we may have several NHL-ready forwards in Portland factored into this decision. Mair played in 71, 81, 82, 72 & 75 game seasons during his tenure with Buffalo, the sum of which we might call rare in its dependability.

    My main disappointment comes from the fact that I don’t believe this team has turned the corner yet in terms of grit & toughness; removing Mair renders such a turn even more difficult. We’re sure to lose at least one forward to a season-ending injury at some point, and who, then, will serve as our 13th forward? Paille is gone (which I still maintain is a good move), and Cody McCormick is the only one in Portland who can replace Mair’s toughness and grit.

    I can only guess that this move was made to make room for McCormick on the active roster. Does any other rationale seem possible? Ruff has to know his team cannot sacrifice anything in the toughness department if it hopes to go anywhere in (or even make) the playoffs this year…