Kaleta Gets Two, J.P. is a Champion

by Ryan

Just some news and notes for your Saturday:


Pat Kaleta got a two-game suspension for his hit in yesterday afternoon’s shindig with the Flyers. I think what I said about Ovechkin’s hit from Thursday applies to Kaleta’s hit from yesterday: a penalty, yes, but no suspension. I’m not a fan of “making an example of…” anyone, but clearly the league is not a fan of Kaleta.

Here’s the truth: Kaleta has a reputation, and therefore he gets suspended. Saying Ovechkin doesn’t have a reputation is wrong: he does, but he’s the best player in the game. He’s just not going to miss games for hitting role players, no matter what the result.

It’s the “Wheel of Justice” theory and it sucks. It’s wrong. It needs to be fixed and it won’t. We’ve said it since Kaleta came into the league: sooner or later he will get a reputation for what he does. Whether it is hitting, turtling, or fighting; Kaleta will be known for it and we will have to deal with what comes.

Consider this the first blow.


In a completely unrelated tangent, J.P. Losman is a champion. I had no idea that the UFL season had ended, but i does give me a chance to post that photo. Congrats J.P.. I think.


  1. I totally agree with the Wheel of Justice. I like Kaleta, but he deserved a suspension not for the hit, but for turtling. Their is time for him, I don’t want to see him turn into Kasparitus. Cheap shots followed by balling up like a fetus dodging a coat hanger is no way to play. He is what he is though and I will support him for both being a local boy and the Slug on his shirt.

  2. There’s no such thing as a suspension for turtling. Sure, I’d like to see Kaleta answer the bell sometimes (not that I think he should have to fight every time he hits someone hard…I hate that trend), but that doesn’t even play into the decision.

    Nothing but the hit should be considered for the suspension. With that said, I agree with Ryan that the penalty was warranted, but the suspension is not. Watch the Flyer; he turns just as Kaleta is about to hit him (as a result of moving the puck). Nothing about the hit itself is dirty, and it wouldn’t have even been a penalty if the guy hadn’t turned at the last second. You learn not to turn toward the boards in Taking a Hit 101.