1. NoUseForANickname

    WTF happened in this game? I was watching at my local joint, and I got up to take a piss and the score was 2-1. I come back, drink a beer and then look at the screen and it’s 6-2…how the?

    At least Vanek was on the board…

  2. Mike

    It seems like this year, the Sabres have either gotten blown out/not shown up or won games with gritty, impressive efforts. They haven’t really lost close ones, which seems different than recent years past.
    I could not believe that Lalime didn’t play last night. It does not bode well for his future as a Sabre. I think Lindy has lost all faith. Cue the speculation on Biron.

  3. That was the worst game – I had to leave the arena at the 3 minute mark when it was 2-3, and it was 2-6 before I even got to my car. The entire team looked out of focus.

    Speculated that maybe they are Jauron fans and just really out of sorts about the firing 🙂

    Do you think they even know there’s a football team in Buffalo? And remember when the athletes used to go to each others games?