Gameday Prep: Bills vs. Texans

by Ryan

Browns Bills Football

Hey, at least we’re not Redskins fans. This would be illegal…

Amazingly, the Buffalo Bills have a two-game winning streak. It certainly hasn’t been the most exciting eight-plus quarters, but wins are wins. Ryan Fitzpatrick will start for Buffalo, and I have no idea how I’m supposed to get excited about that.

Consider this your gameday prep.

Announcers: Ian Eagle, Rich Gannon

Depth Charts Buffalo, Houston

Stats:, ESPN, or Yahoo Sports all do a good job. If you have fantasy teams through Yahoo, you get StatTracker free this year. If you didn’t know that until now, I’m pretty sure I just made your year.

Flash Website You Might Find Useful In Case of Blowout:

Magic Pen

Random Thoughts

– Hey Terrell, is Andre Johnson a better receiver than you? Oh.

– Speaking of Johnson, he looks to be okay after a bruised shoulder. He’s on two of my fantasy teams, so if the secondary is going to blow a coverage once or twice I hope the pass goes to Andre. Or Owen Daniels. Whatever.

– In all seriousness, Owen Daniels has had a great season so far. Any tight end averaging 71 YPG and with five touchdowns in seven weeks has some serious chemistry with his quarterback, especially with an offensive weapon like Johnson lining up near you on every snap.

– One of the biggest complains about Trent Edwards was his inability to see the open man downfield. However, I’d really appreciate it if Fitzpatrick could hit the open receiver instead of over/under-throwing him by fifteen yards. That would be just great.

– Have we talked about Byrd yet? Let’s just say if he gets another interception this week you have some serious competition in the “beloved Buffalo rookie” category. The runaway favorite just might be in trouble.

– And when I say “runaway favorite” of course I mean Aaron Maybin! Quick reminder: Brian Orakpo has 22 tackles and 3.5 sacks for the freaking Redskins this year.

– I have to say I’m pretty terrified of the Houston offense. It doesn’t look like weather will be a huge issue, and their passing game is pretty fierce. Slaton is a decent back who has struggled, but they can put points on the board in a way the Bills simply can’t.

– The schedule has been so weird this year. Today will mark just the second 1pm start for the Bills all season. I have to admit I’ve missed the normal start time, it just makes more sense to me.

– I feel like these are much more informative on the bye week. That bodes well for next week, right?

Your Weekly Bill Simmons Quote About the Bills (Sort of)

My underdog lock of the week: Bills 20, Texans 14. Testing out a new theory here: The Steve Walsh memorial “There’s no way that QB has an arm to handle those conditions” game, not to be confused with the Sanchize patented “This guy was weaned on warm weather, he is reacting to the freezing cold about as well as the rugby team during the last 45 minutes of ‘Alive'” game. I like Matt Schaub, but his arm can get a little noodly, no? I wish we could parlay a Buffalo TAINT (touchdown after interception) and a Buffalo special-teams TD in this one.

Like I said, sort of.

Obligatory “Get Pumped” Video

Everyone needs a morale boost every now and again.

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Play Us Out, Indifferent Ralph Wilson!

Go Bills.