Gameday Prep: Bills vs. Jaguars

by Ryan

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“Well… here goes nothing.”

Consider this your gameday prep.

Announcers: Bill Macatee, Steve Beuerlein

Depth Charts Buffalo, New England

Stats:, ESPN, or Yahoo Sports all do a good job. If you have fantasy teams through Yahoo, you get StatTracker free this year. Hockey too.

Flash Website You Might Find Useful In Case of Blowout:


Things Worth Knowing/Mocking/Reading

– Hey T.O., you happy about Dick Jauron getting fired?

– The good thing about Dick Jauron’s departure is that it sets up literally months of speculation about what happens to the Bills. For example, yesterday Mike Holmgren said he’d be interested in the Browns job. I mean, that’s a lock for interest in the Bills as well, right? That’s good news, yes?

– What do we all think about Mike Shanahan, anyway? I would like to see it happen if only because there would be a ton of required reading for Bills fans. That would be fun.

– Great column by Jerry Sullivan about Russ Brandon’s vanishing act this week.

– By the way, can we talk about The Blind Side quickly? I’m going to avoid the movie like the plague, but please read the book and forget about the Sandra Bullock vehicle. The Lewis book is a must-read, but I can’t comprehend paying nine bucks to watch a bad movie about a great book.

That is all.

– We have a new left tackle to protect our revolving door of quarterbacks.


– Speaking of Brohm, something tells me he’s not going to fix the Bills problems at quarterback, and therefore I don’t care about the signing at all. There’s a lot of hype surrounding him, but honestly I’m sick of work in progress quarterbacks that need time to develop. We never seem to give anyone enough time anyway, so why bother?

– If anyone thinks the Bills will fare better against Maurice Jones-Drew than they did against Chris Johnson, well, clearly you don’t play fantasy football. It’s going to be a long day, but join us in the live chat to talk about it!

– Oh yeah, here’s a scouting report for the game. There you go.

Your Weekly Bill Simmons Quote About the Bills (Sort of)

But losing because you went for it on fourth-and-2 on your own 28? Much more damaging. The reward (of converting it) did not match the risk (the fallout from a demoralizing loss and a week’s worth of “What the hell happened?” questions, not to mention its impact on the team’s psyche). This week, the Pats made a big stink about looking forward and not letting that defeat affect them. How can it not? How? Isn’t the impact much deeper than that of simply losing because Peyton Manning is great and he drove 70 yards to beat them? In the playoffs, when it’s life or death, maybe that risk is more defensible. In the regular season, when you’re building your team’s collective confidence like a bunch of Jenga sticks and can’t risk knocking the stack over? No.

Just … no.

Like I said, sort of. The Bills knocked their stack of bricks over about seven times this year, that’s about all that relates.

Obligatory “Get Pumped” Video

“Jacksonville Skyline”, Whiskeytown

Let’s be honest, you should probably be pretty mellow going into this game.

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Play Us Out, Guy With Cryptic Shoes!

Go Bills.

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