Clean or Quinn?

by Ryan

After watching it on the replay I still think the same thing I thought in the seats tonight: it was an accident.

MacArthur is never a guy who is overly physical, and he doesn’t have much of a mean streak. I doubt Reddox did anything worth retaliating for, and it’s a poor way to retaliate at that.

Quinn seems to think it was a dirty hit and there should be a suspension, but I’m not sure what he saw from where he was on the bench. The five minute penalty is certianly justified at the time, but a replay shows Clarke with immediate remorse and concern for what happened.

Again, MacArthur shouldn’t finish his check there, but neither player really seems to have proper balance going after the puck. Perhaps if you haven’t spent the last four years watching Clarke play hockey you think worse of what happened, but I can’t find a scenario where it deserves a suspension.

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Then again, we’re working with a protocol that looks something like this, so who really knows.

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  1. Mark B

    I completely thought it was an accident. After I watched the replay it almost looked like the guy was slipping before Clark touched him. The push just aggravated things. The General was stupid there, but not worth a suspension IMHO.