Troubled Trent

By Chris

Maybe we should have been more concerned about this:

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Then again, maybe not. I mean there have been plenty of bad ceremonial first pitches, right?

But this isn’t the mayor of Cincinnati. Trent Edwards is an NFL quarterback.

If we really want to go back to where we started worrying about Edwards, I think we go back to this moment.

That was a year ago this week. Our concerns about the 2008 team really surfaced after that game at the Buzzsaw and Trent wasn’t the same for the rest of the season.

Whether it was his health, the play-calling or something else, Edwards struggled and the Bills slagged their way through the schedule, finishing 3-8.

Edwards started nine of those final 11 games (including all three wins). He never eclipsed the 300-yard mark. In fact, he only cracked 250 yards in four of those games. His passing totals in the other five games? A paltry 120, 148, 112, 193 and 128.

Since then, the Bills have signed Terrell Owens, implemented the no-huddle offense and revamped the offensive line. All three were dreadful (or non-existent) during the preseason but showed promise in the first two games of the regular season. Let’s not even get into the other change: replacing the offensive coordinator less than a week before the season opener.

It’s looking like maybe the New England and Tampa Bay games were flukes. The offense actually looked decent.

The last two weeks have looked a lot like those preseason games, which looked a lot like 2008.

Maybe it is time to scrap the no huddle, as Jerry Sullivan suggests. But going back into the huddle is only No. 1 on Sully’s observation list of problems and there’s only so much that you can fix at this point.

Let’s face it: the quarterback is tentative. They don’t call him “Captain Checkdown” for nothing. We confused his hesitations with mental processing (so that he could make the proper throw) but it looks like Edwards is afraid to pull the trigger. Even his deep throws are short-armed. Each week he’s teetering more towards “bust” satus.

Unfortunately, it’s all an extension of his coach.

The Bills don’t play to win. They play not to lose. That mentality can only get you so far — 7-9.

As long as Jauron’s in charge, look for the Decade of Fail to roll on.

Making a change at the head coaching position mid-season (and in the first year of Jauron’s extension) would be one of the few things this franchise could do that would actually surprise me. And that’s probably why none of us expect it to happen anytime soon.


  1. LoydKristmis

    I thought that hit did it to Edwards also, except that two weeks later he had arguably his best game of the season against a good San Diego team.

  2. Mike

    Not to mention the 58 points he put up on KC last year. Although the Defense helped with that one. I think he’s just inconsistent and can’t play against defenses that are coached by people who actually know what they’re doing (in the Parcells/Belichick mode).