Too Easy

by Ryan


I’ve been debating a real recap post for Wednesday’s Florida game, but I’m just not sure how much good it will do. It was easy, a bit too easy for my liking; and I’m not sure if it really means much of anything just yet.

Buffalo tends to have these games from time to time, when they explode early, wreck another team’s night and then get to coast for the next two periods. That’s okay because, let’s face it, those first-period outbursts are very impressive.

I know many Sabres fans have tried be cautiously optimistic about the team’s fast start, but it’s getting very, very hard not to look at this team and have your expectations raise a bit. How hard is it to worry about a team like Tampa when the only loss this team has seen is with its two biggest players in the press box?

I guess what I’m saying is that, despite being weary of this team and even a bit pessimistic, I’m starting to come around. Is anyone else feeling the same thing?


  1. Mike

    They started 6-2-2 in October last year, but the two losses came in the last week of the month against the Sens and Bolts. They won big against the Ovechkin-less Caps in their next game (5-0!) so they showed then that they could “respond to adversity.” But then they went on to have an inconsistent November that also saw them get shellacked by Columbus 6-1. Of course, this doesn’t mean much, as the Sabres seem to play well against the Caps and terribly against Columbus on a regular basis.
    I think Saturday night’s game is a good measuring stick against a Tampa team that hasn’t lost at home and just convincingly dismantled San Jose last night. If they come out of this October with a better record than last year, I’ll definitely be cautiously optimistic.

  2. Mark B

    Still being cautiously optimistic and not go crazy based on our quick start last year and the fact that this group has let us down two years running. But I think the injection of Myers and Kennedy has started to push the other players into some better efforts. Grier helps in the work ethic area too obviously.