The Lion Will Speak!

by Ryan

Fun facts:

– The Bills lost to a team whose quarterback had 23 yards passing.

Bills Patriots Football

– I mean really, Derek Anderson went 2/17 for 23 yards and an interception. That’s a completion percentage of 11.8%, and 1.4 yards per attempt.

Patriots Bills Football

– The Browns managed just nine first downs in the win. Then again, Buffalo had 13.

Bills in Toronto Football

– The only time the ball made it into the end zone was on special teams. Touchbacks, field goals, and when kickoffs sailed into the end zone. That’s it.

Browns Bills Football

– Trent Edwards out-rushed everyone on the Bills but Marshawn Lynch.

Dolphins Bills Football

– Marshawn Lynch was also the leading receiver with six receptions for 56 yards, and most of that came on a 35-yard catch and run.


– Derek Anderson had one completion in each half. The first came on Cleveland’s last drive of the second quarter, and the second on their first drive in the third.


– The Bills kept the offense on the field on 4th and 24. No, really.

Bills Cardinals Football

– The Bills have lost to Cleveland in each of the last three seasons. In fact, the last two times the Bills have lost to the Browns also represent Cleveland’s last two victories.


– No, they do not play twice a year.