By Chris

I’m not even sure what to say. If we thought last week’s effort was pathetic, then “pathetic” doesn’t even begin to describe the Bills’ performance today against Miami.

I’m just going to let Darryl Talley do the talking:

What a dumb ass. It’s the Dolphins! Where’s their pride? Fire em all. Every last one of them.

Does anyone out there have 1 billion I can borrow? I’d like 2 buy the Bills and give back 2 the good people of Buffalo the team they deserve

The Bills should have to walk back to Buffalo!

I’ve seen better powder puff games that were coached by nuns.

Amen, Darryl.

If no one watches the Bills lose to the Browns next week, will it really count towards the standings?

More to come.


  1. can we please fire dick jauron now?

  2. dorry

    jauron has destroyed this team. why did they bother to get TO