Saturday Night Sabres

by Ryan

So I was just looking at the Sabres schedule and realized something: the Sabres play on the next 11 Saturdays. In fact, they play on the first 13 Saturdays of the regular season, skip one week, then play on every Saturday until the Olympic break.


In other words, keep your dancing shoes in the closet this winter, folks. We’ve got plans on Saturday night for a good long time.


  1. The Sabres do have a crazy amount of Saturday games. Works for me. 🙂

    That pic is HILARIOUS! It’s funny how natural Timmy looks in that setting.. but Goose? WTF? I love it!

  2. You put Goose in a dress and he still looks pretty.

  3. Amy

    I wonder if Roy is jealous that Timmy appears to pull off the white suit better than he does?

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