Same Bills, Same Result

by Ryan


The Buffalo Bills are officially at the quarter pole of the 2009 season, and aside from an abstract post about a hodge podge of topics, I haven’t said much about this team.

Given the fact that I just watched an entire game in person, I suppose I should talk about things that happened yesterday. Still, I’m struggling to come up with something I really want to address. I’m a few hours away from a flight back home, and so I’m hoping to find my bearings while in transit.

By tonight there will certainly be something to say, but what I’ve come back to again and again is that this is yet another Dick Jauron team. This certainly doesn’t lay all the blame with Jauron, but his tenure with the team has shown us a very distinct Bills team, and four games into this year they haven’t deviated from that model.

There is more to say about this team and the weekend as a whole, but right now my thoughts keep coming back to Dick Jauron’s flaws and the way those flaws reflect upon a horribly flawed team. I’ll have something to say about the Stadium, Trent, Owens, and a few other things by the time I land in Buffalo.

It’s been a long weekend, but there’s certainly a story to tell.