Monday Morning Firing Squad

by Ryan

I think we’re all waiting for some sort of news out of One Bills Drive. In the meantime, let’s go over a few things we’ve seen on the interwebs over the last few hours:

– ProFootballTalk has been quiet on the subject, other than talking about some Russ Brandon comments that don’t sound too promising.

– Jerry Sullivan’s column is in and looks pretty solid. A necessary read if there ever was one.

– Sullivan’s main topic is the Hall of Fame ring ceremony that never happened. TBN’s BillBoard has the story covered. The good thing about this snub is that it was both the fans and the media that got zero notice, so the rage will be twofold. You can screw with fans all you want, but never screw over the media in the middle of a 1-4 disaster of a season. Not good.

By the way, the Hall of Fame website still has the Wilson story up on their website:

Buffalo Bills owner and Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2009 enshrinee Ralph Wilson, Jr. will be heralded by fans on Sunday at the stadium that bears his name.

Pro Football Hall of Fame President/Executive Director Steve Perry will be on hand for a special presentation at halftime of the Bills-Browns game at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Perry will present Wilson with his Hall of Fame ring.

The ring is the third and final iconic symbol representing Wilson’s election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The only owner that the Bills have known was elected to the Hall of Fame on the day before Super Bowl XLIII and formally enshrined into the Hall of Fame in Canton during ceremonies held in early August. Wilson received his gold Hall of Fame jacket at the annual Enshrinees Dinner held on the eve of his induction. His bronze bust was unveiled at the enshrinement ceremony the following day.

Just in case they, you know… get their act together sometime tonight…

– Matthew Barnaby is taking the Bills loss well

– Tim Graham was at the game today, which is unfortunate for him. However, he does have some posts about it, including one on the game in general, the offensive line and penalties and, of course, injuries. Busy day for Mr. Graham, but I doubt it was much fun.

– UPDATE: A more direct post from Graham: Why Dick Jauron can’t keep his job. Nicely done.

– One of the things quite a few Bills fans have been upset about are Trent Edwards’ postgame comments, mostly that last part about not being “a Bills fan.”

Now… it’s important that you hear that comment for yourself and draw your own conclusions. To me it sounds like a canned comment meant to dismiss the media’s question, but quite a few people have been pretty angry about it. Personally, I think it’s a much ado about nothing; there are much more important things going on than if Trent Edwards is a Bills “fan,” but here’s the reaction from some former players:

Darryl Talley: I could multitask. I was a player and a fan.

Thurman Thomas: I was a player, but i was a fan of Jims, Darryl, Kent, etc…..

Again, I don’t think it is that big a deal but as Chris said earlier, it’s never good when two of the most popular Bills of all time are getting on your case; whether it’s through Twitter or not…

And now for the Twittermongering section of this post: We’ve seen a few unsupported Tweets about firings and angry owners here and there, but nothing completely substantial has come about. Of course, I’m an insomniac and if anything breaks tonight, we’ll have it for you. Don’t worry Bills fans, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Then again, it’s been pitch black around these parts for years.


  1. Amy

    When the most entertaining thing about the past couple of debacles has been watching two former Bills putz around on Twitter, you know things can’t be good.

    Also, your link on Trent’s fan comments just links back to this post.

  2. Jay

    I think the question asked of Trent was a crappy question, and I think he handled it well.

    If he said he would boo the team, that means he’s selling out on his teammates who I’m sure are quietly hating him.

    If he said he wouldn’t boo, the media would eat him up on not being a realist of looking at this team as it is.