Cautionary Tale

by Ryan

It’s one of the unavoidable hazards of the internet: spam.

As a blogger the real concern become spam comments which, when posted, are used to Google bomb or do other nefarious things with the series of tubes we call the internet.

As a public we’ve trained ourselves to recognize these tactics, but even I was impressed by this one:


If you don’t feel like “clicking to enlarge” this is what it says:

god i love the bills but i hate watching them loose. just win god damnit.

A few misspelled words and no capitalization, but all in all not bad. That’s some pretty smart spam if you ask me. We even had one that completely copied a Heather B. comment a few weeks back and tried to post it as their own.

I guess what we’re saying is make sure you don’t look like spam when you comment. Or just don’t link an email for a free credit report, I suppose. Either way, interesting stuff. I feel like someday we’ll be telling our grandchildren about the time we ran sports blogs when the spambots were unintelligent drones pimping Viagra.

Ah, memories…