Bills Dump No-Huddle, Still Plan on Losing

by Ryan

ProFootballTalk is reporting that the Bills plan on getting rid of the no-huddle offense, which is sure to cure the woes of an undisciplined 1-4 team with mounting injuries on defense. This is sort of like tossing a dinner plate off the deck of the Titanic. Sure it’s lighter, but the ship is still going to sink.


Personally I’m okay with the move, but since the no-huddle offense is not the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, I doubt it will make much of a difference.


  1. Keller

    The randomness of the Titanic reference…I read the same verbiage in a St. Louis article about Rush Limbaugh…who by the way is being fucked by the ignorant-racist blacks and liberals of America.

  2. iLLadelphia iLLies

    Jauron sucks, everyone can agree on that, but when it comes down to it the Bills got no talent and one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the league.

  3. How does a laconic post about the Bills’ no-huddle turn into a defense of Rush Limbaugh? Klan members are so creative!

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