At Least He Took His Helmet With Him

WoodThurmanBy Chris

Thurman Thomas is lost.

An 8-foot, 1,000-pound wooden carving of the Bills Hall of Famer was stolen from a parking lot across the street from the Ralph sometime after Sunday’s Bills game.

The statue was constructed from trees lost during the 2006 October Storm as part of the Carvings for a Cause initiative.

At least Thurman seems to have a sense of humor about the whole thing:

I’m tired, my wood is gone

And if anyone thinks that thing looks anything like Thurman, let us know. The head piece makes him look more like Prince Valiant wearing a No. 34 jersey than anything.

Human Thurman, Wooden Thurman and Jim Kelly

UPDATE: They found Lincoln Log Thurman:

The Thurman Thomas tree carving is heading back to Buffalo, after having survived some charcoal burns to the face and a trip across the Peace Bridge on Sunday night.

A Fort Erie, Ont.-area man called Therese Forton-Barnes, the Carvings for a Cause founder, early this afternoon to say he had the roughly 8 1/2-foot-tall tree carving of the former Buffalo Bills running back.

“They weren’t necessarily looking to steal it,” Forton-Barnes said. “They apparently thought we had forgotten to get it.”

Thanks to reader Leif for the photos.

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  1. Now we have to wonder what was said crossing the bridge.

    Bringing anything back with you?

    “Just this 8 1/2 foot tall half ton Thurman Thomas wood carving”

    Ok, go ahead!