A View from the Roost: The buzz is back?

By Jon

Plenty of things to talk about, so I’m going to eschew a piece of Nagelhoutian prose in favor of some bullet points. Hope you don’t mind.

– First thing’s first:

Whoa. What’s not to love about that video?

Opponent runs goalie. Teammate pummels opponent. Just like it should be, with a power play to boot. Yes, please.

That being said, it was one of the strangest fights I have ever seen in that arena. Everyone’s attention was on Tyler Myers bringing the puck up the ice for a four-on-two, when all of a sudden play stopped. I thought it was an offside call, to be honest.

No offside, though — just one angry Goose. As Ryan said earlier, that’s pretty much why we named the blog after him.

And that “A” looks good on his jersey. Let’s keep it there, Lindy.

– Tyler Myers is an NHL player. There’s absolutely no doubt about it, especially after a game like last night.

Myers was the best defenseman on the ice, hands down. The Sabres haven’t seen a blue-liner so smooth on his feet and with his stick since Brian Campbell left.

Listen — I have no idea why he was in front of the net when he scored the first goal of the game, but I’m damn glad he was. He saw an open space and pounced on it, showing some awareness and guts you won’t see from other defensemen on this team.

The best part? The kid hasn’t grown into his body. Can you imagine how he’ll play when he adds some muscle and grit to go with his steady defense and smooth offensive skills? Color me excited.

– There was something in that building that I haven’t experienced since the 06-07 season: a buzz.

Thank God for a new season and a clean slate, because the arena was hopping, and I wasn’t quite ready for that. I mean, it was a silver game against the Islanders for God’s sake. Not exactly a marquee matchup…

But to my surprise, almost every seat was filled and the fans were ready to rock. Let me tell you, it was loud. I guess it just goes to show you what a quick start at the beginning of the season can do for the fans in this town.

– Of course, one of the biggest reactions of the night came for an opponent.

Pat yourselves on the back, Sabres fans. The standing ovation for Marty Biron was classy and touching, something that has been lacking when other former Sabres have made a return to Buffalo.

It’s probably a little easier to cheer for an old friend when they enter the game because the starter couldn’t keep pucks out of the net, but that’s beside the point. Marty was a class-act during his tenure in Buffalo, and it was really neat to see the fans show their appreciation.

– However, all of the fans weren’t quite so classy. There’s more than 18,000 in the building, and I get stuck behind the douchebag who hacks his chewing tobacco all over the aisle while smoking a cigarette.

And of course, the douchebag’s friend thinks it’s OK to yell “Miller sucks” during the national anthem. And it’s really cool and mature to flip off the Jumbotron camera every chance you get.

Side note — No one cares how much you can bench.

Yes, I was behind a set of quintessential Long Islanders.

I just want to take this opportunity to remind everyone of The Roost’s official stance on these wretched human beings, written beautifully by Rich.

– After the game, my buddy and I saw Ryan Miller walking down Chippewa after we took in our standard postgame meal at Prima Pizza.

We told him “Good game,” he smiled and said “Thanks guys.” It was a simple gesture, but it was appreciated by a pair of fans that just dropped some dough to watch the guy play.

All in all, it was a pretty cool night to be downtown. The best part? We get to do it again tonight.