1. PKB

    Rooting for the Bills was ruining the NFL for me and after the Dallas MNF game I had to take step back. Ralph deciding to retain Jauron was telling in my eyes. By bringing back Jauron, someone that has proven himself so inadequate at his job, in a role so crucial to the success of any football team, for a forth year, Ralph maintained the loosing culture that surrounds this team. Nothing personal towards Mr. Jauron, because while I think he’s a tremendous motivator, he simply isn’t up to NFL head coaching standards and the evidence is staggering.

  2. Okay. That was awful, and it’s a feeling that I’m sad to say I’m getting more and more familiar with ever since first experiencing it January 8, 2000. (I was 11. No child should have to go through that).

    But I’m trying something new this year. I’m going to stay optimistic for as long as I possibly can. As bad as that letdown was, we pretty much all went in expecting a nasty loss. So let’s look at some positives. Alex Van Pelt, most of the O-line, Fred Jackson, Aaron Schobel…there really was a lot of good to take away here for a team playing their first game in what is more or less looking like a rebuilding season thanks to the offensive line shakeup.

    Oh, and check the Roost email!

  3. PKB


    I admire your faith. I just haven’t been able to get there with the Bills the last couple of years. I always feel like in pro sports, almost every team is in contention for a championship. Just look at the Arizona Cardinals! They were only a couple of minute from winning the Super Bowl and few have had worse records than the Cardinals in the last 10 years. At the end of the day, isn’t a championship what fans are really hoping for from the Bills?

    I can’t even convince myself though that the Bills are even in contention. I mean, Dick Jauron is a problem but Ralph Wilson is the biggest obstacle that’s preventing the Bills from winning it all because he allows problems to fester in this organization. I just don’t know if Ralph has the ability to recognize what needs to be fixed anymore.

  4. PKB,

    I agree with just about everything you said. I’ve expressed the same feelings about Wilson many times. Despite this, I’m still somehow holding onto whatever hope I can find. I think the whole thing is that if I don’t look on the bright side, there’s just no enjoyment to be had in following the Bills. So I guess my optimism is bred by necessity.