Welcome to the Team, Part III

By Chris

Things aren’t going well for Terrell Owens.

He clearly didn’t play his best game on Sunday when his streak of 185 games with a reception came to an end. It’s apparently also the first time he’s ever been on a 1-2 football team (which is kind of hard to believe — I mean, even Detroit is 1-2 right now).

After the Saints game, it was obvious that T.O. didn’t want to deal with anyone, let alone Paul Hamilton and Jerry Sullivan. So that’s when we’re treated to a press conference like this one:

Everyone’s waiting for T.O. to explode. It’s not like he has a history of acting out or anything.

But to provoke him like the media did on Sunday is like taunting Carrie. Berate her enough and she’s eventually going to lock the doors and set the gymnasium on fire with her mind powers.

Granted everyone in that press conference is at fault. Owens was only there because there would be more negative things written about him if he didn’t show up to the presser.

As a caller on one of the local radio stations put it yesterday, Owens sounded like a regular guy going into work on a Monday at 6:45 a.m. He’s there because he has to be and doesn’t want to be bothered by stupidity. You think he really wants to hear Doris the Receptionist’s story about how her kids chased the cats while playing dinosaurs?

So when the press doesn’t get the answers the want (or really any answers at all), they begin to poke, prod and provoke Owens into giving a bad answer.

“You could have said ‘No,'” one reporter said. Yes, he could have, but that’s the answer you wanted and T.O. actually is smarter than that.

Owens did give bad answers and unusable quotes (a journalist’s nightmare) on purpose but the frustrated media played right into it.

Guys, it’s only Week Three. Did you really expect a T.O. Blowup this early in the season anyways?


  1. Are you kidding me? The media is rubbing themselves raw right now waiting for him to blow up. They’re going to force it to happen so they can finally get themselves off.

  2. You’re both right to point out that the media are rooting for TO to go off. It’s the sort of drama that most journalists crave. So that whole press conference really was a joke, and TO was smart enough not to take the bait in this respect.

    That said: I am having a really hard time rooting for TO. He can’t say anything nice about his teammates? Here we have Kawika Mitchell sticking up for TO on Twitter — and calling out Rodney Harrison. Would TO ever stick up for one of his teammates if the situation were reversed? Hardly! Because he’s a fundamentally selfish human. Does anyone get the impression, watching his body language and following his sentiments on Twitter, (note how he was partying in DC last weekend) that he even wants to be a part of this community? Even more condemning, it doesn’t seem like he wants to be a part of this team. He could have said something encouraging during that press conference : anything at all. The press would have picked up on that, too. He could have said “well, we struggled today, but Trent’s got a lot of upside, and I really trust that Alex and the coaches can get this thing turned around; we’ve got a good bunch of guys.” Even if he doesn’t actually believe it, it would be a way to show solidarity with his mates. No, not from TO.

    Not a chance.

    Let’s call a spade a spade: TO is an egotistical, self-absorbed prick. But I’d even be willing to overlook that if he stuck up for his teammates once in a while. This is a hockey town, after all…