In Case You Hate UB Football…

by Ryan

… here are some interesting links to read this afternoon.

– If you haven’t noticed, Chris will be covering the Bulls for this year. Look for a live blog up shortly and game review later on, as well as a few other fun things every Saturday.

– If you love the Beatles OR Chuck Klosterman (or both), you need to read his review of the new Beatles Box Set. I’m debating whether it’s worth the $180, but reading this makes me thing it is, if only to get the joke a bit more.

– If the Coyotes… situation has become dull for you that’s understandable, but things are sort of heading for a climax these days. This is an interesting little tidbit if you ask me:

In the meantime, the hockey franchise remains in limbo as it prepares to open training camp at Arena on Saturday morning. One lawyer raised doubt in court whether Wayne Gretzky is still the coach of the team, but Bettman and Coyotes president Doug Moss both indicated afterwards that he’ll be present at camp.

Gretzky has an unusual contract with the team, and a pricey one at that. It’ll be interesting to see if this thing lingers into the start of the regular season, or if it ever gets solved, for that matter.

– Last night was a pretty big occasion if you’re a Yankees fan. Now you’re not going to get a loving soliloquy out of me over this, but it is an impressive feat to say the least. Aaaaand I’m done.

– The Jamboroo is back, and it’s just nice to read about football that really matters.

– Speaking of football, expect to see quite a bit from us on Monday. We’re still pretty excited about the game, and we’ll have a preview post or two as well as some… other things. Also, we’ll have a preview up for Sunday’s games, just like last year. I plan on doing nothing on Sunday but watch football, and I expect you to do the same.

– So I suppose veterans report to Sabres camp today. It scares me a bit that the bigger story in my min is Pitt coming to town to play UB. Then again, the real biggest story is that Drew Stafford does not have a contract nor does Mark Mancari. But the Sabres don’t want to talk about that, and so we won’t.

Just kidding. Expect some thoughts about that before the weekend is over.

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  1. Mark B

    What else would someone want to do on Sunday but watch football all day?

    It might be kind of nice to just watch the games and my fantasy players and not be stressing out or depressed about the Bills in week one.