Gameday Prep Week 3: Bills v. Saints

by Chris
So one more week, huh, Money? Don’t worry. I got this.

Sorry this is a little late, but it still should get you jacked up for the game if you’re not drunk enough already.

Announcers: Ron Pitts, John Lynch.

Depth Charts: Buffalo, New Orleans

Stats:, ESPN, or Yahoo Sports all do a good job. If you have fantasy teams through Yahoo, you get StatTracker free this year.

Flash Websites You Might Find Useful In Case of Blowout:
Instant Rimshot

Sad Trombone

Badger Badger Badger

Things Worth Knowing/Mocking/Reading
– A lot has been made this week about the injuries the Bills have suffered. I’m not sure why anyone really cares if Buffalo is down to two tight ends. It’s not like they throw to them anyways. Oh wait. AVP like going to the tight ends now? Crap. Stupar for MVP!

-Jerry Sullivan sounds excited. Although he’s not fooled by the Bills penchant for sticking with the status quo (if the beat the Saints, it’s a step in the right direction. If they lose to the Saints, it’s because they’re young and injured and blah blah blah). Either way, it doesn’t sound like Jauron is going anywhere soon.

– Terrell Owens Tweet of the Week: RT: I did not get rid of Mo/Kita! They aren’t my assistants. They may act like it! Lmpo! …But they run my Catch-A-Dream foundation
At least that’s taken care of. And yes, that is “laughing my pants off.” So witty. Just don’t drop another sure touchdown this week. Your team is going to need all the points they can get to keep up with that Drew Brees guy.

-In case you forgot, Fred Jackson first opened eyes two years ago in a preseason game against…you guessed it: these New Orleans Saints.

If things really go badly, remember that the Raiders are probably going to look just as bad…

– In case you’re wondering, there is no 4 p.m. CBS game this week, but “Total Recall” is on the SyFy Channel at 5 p.m. You know… just in case (unfortunately the chick with three boobs is edited out).

Your Weekly Bill Simmons Quote About the Bills (Sort of)
Saints (-6) over BILLS
“Just Mail Me the 2009 MVP Trophy Right Now,” by Drew Brees. Meanwhile, if you’re thinking about taking Buffalo in an upset, check out this e-mail from Nick in Rochester: “Being a Bills fan is like sending your girlfriend off to be a roommate on ‘Real World.’ Before the season starts you have this foolish hope that she won’t let you down. However, in the depths of your being, you know that a few weeks from now, you will be sitting on your couch, watching your beloved fumble away her clothes, getting touchdown after touchdown scored on her.”

(Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 Buffalo Bills!)

As I said, sort of.

Obligatory “Get Pumped” Video

Everyone is expecting a shootout, after all.

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Play us out, Frank Reich Clones Fashion Show!

Go Bills.