Bills News, At Least Until They Fire Someone Else

by Ryan

A few links for the afternoon, mostly Bills-related:

– Bob DiCesare rips the Bills for the Langston Walker… situation. I can’t help but agree with Bob, but I’m really trying not to be completely pessimistic about the team this year.

Seriously though, where was Kirk Chambers through all of this? Was he sitting out on the curb at One Bills Drive? Did you even have to send the guy a text message before he was back in the dining room finishing off the player’s buffet? We’ll have a lot more coming about the Bills, so please don’t consider this my final thoughts on the o-line.

– Even Chris Brown seems concerned, about the move, and he’s paid by the team not to rock the boat.

– If you pay close attention to the site, you know that frequent commenter 289 has been incognito over the past few months. Word on the street is he’s back, and so are his t-shirts. Here’s his latest:


I might wait a few games to get this one, but everyone needs a new shirt for the new football season, right?

– I don’t even want to link this, but we have to talk about it. Seriously? This happened?

– With UB taking on Pitt and the Bills playing New England, we’re in for a heck of a football weekend. Will anyone really be thinking of hockey at a time like this? Yeah, probably.

– It looks like I might be doing some traveling sometime in October, possibly Bills-related. When the details finally get ironed out, you’ll be the first to know.


  1. “Will anyone really be thinking of hockey at a time like this?”

    Yes. Drop the goddamned puck already!

  2. I am always thinking about hockey at a time like this, but that’s just cuz I don’t care about football.

    TBN seriously felt the need to write an article about women playing fantasy football? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read in a while. Woo woo for them. Lots of women I know like football and fantasy football- and hockey. Hardly newsworthy.

  3. Mark B

    A fantasy football article and yet no camp report from the Pepsi Center. Nice job TBN.