Wrists Slapped, $.20 becomes $125

by Ryan

It appears our long local nightmare is finally over: Pat Kane is guilty.

wrist_2_7Chief City Judge Thomas P. Amodeo granted them both conditional discharges and ordered them to make a written apologies(sic) to the cabbie and pay $125 each in court fees. Amodeo stressed that he was imposing the same type of sentence he would impose on similar defendants with no prior criminal record in similar situations.

As Patrick Kane, 20, was leaving court with his parents and attorneys about 11 a.m., he apologized to his family, his fans, his hockey club and the citizens of Buffalo, saying it has been a “tough two weeks.”

Vowing to “put this behind me,” Kane pledged to represent the United States well on its hockey team in the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t beat the shit out of the bank teller if she runs out of twenties.