Who to choose?

By Jon

I know Chris is working on an analysis-based post on last nights Hall of Fame game, but let’s be honest — we can all agree on the star of the game.

I love me some throwbacks.

Oh, they are gorgeous. I realize I’m falling into the NFL’s vicious marketing trap, but I have a pretty good idea where I’m going to blow my next C-note, and it sure as hell won’t be on my tuition bill. It’s the responsible thing to do…

But whose name should go on the back? That’s where I need your help.

I don’t have a very good history with these sorts of things. In fact, a quick look at my closet would reveal the following names: Drew Bledsoe, Takeo Spikes, and Brian Campbell (twice). That’s a lot of wasted dough.

With that in mind, we can rule out a bunch of names.

-My biggest mistake is usually a lack of foresight, so contract length will definitely factor into my ultimate decision, basically ruling out T.0. Plus, his show makes me hate him. Moving on…

-I’m not about to take a flier on a rookie, so that rules out Maybin, Wood, Levitre, etc.

-I’m all about second chances and whatnot, but I’m not about to place a convict’s name on my back. Sorry Marshawn (and possibly Donte, depending on litigation).

So who does that leave us with? The obvious answer is Trent Edwards, but that would be too easy and I would be like every other schmuck at the Ralph, so originality has to be considered as well. That being said, I’m still willing to consider him.

Others I need to take into account: Lee Evans, Aaron Schobel, Marcus Stroud, Leodis McKelvin, and Terrance McGee.

Is there anybody I’m missing? Any other factors I should be considering? Who should I pick? Help!


  1. Frosty

    Since it’s a throwback you could go all the way throwback and get someone like Kemp.

  2. Dave

    Leodis can’t speak a word of English so I assume you should rule him out.

  3. Get T.O. so it’s a period piece. You’ll always know you bought that jersey in 2009. No matter who you get you are going to hate it, so why not forever preserve the mediocrity that will be this year’s Bills team? I will forever treasure my “NHL 2000” Miro jersey…

  4. Tom

    No love for Poz?

  5. Jon

    Definitely dropped the ball on the linebackers. Poz and Mitchell should be added to the list of possibilities.

  6. Go with Evans.

    Poz is right there with Edwards in the everybody has it pile.

  7. I was thinking of getting a Poz. Those and the blue throwbacks are so much classier than the regular unis. Hell, we only have the red helmets because Joe ferguson had trouble telling players apart. Loved the minimalism and the lack of Bronco like stripes. They might be mediorce, but they at least look a little bit better than usual.

  8. fish

    I admit, I don’t know squat about what you usa’ers call “football” but,
    how about someone you actually like?

  9. Andrew

    I went with Drury in the winter of 2006. Awesome choice. Awesome.

  10. Go with Poz or McKelvin.

    Give the defense some love…

  11. I agree with ryan which is why i picked up a T.O. throwback myself. But my second choice would McKelvin or Mitchell

  12. jack

    i got that Moorman jersey, i reccomend it. hes the fucking man

  13. Despite pending litigation, I’m still getting a Whitner throwback.