Tonight’s the Night

By Chris

It’s been a long time since the Bills last took the field. Last season ended in disappointment, but leave it to a new season and a few new players (one in particular) to reinvigorate the fan base.

Tonight, they’re back and we’re all excited to say the least.

Tonight means a fresh start.

Yes, tonight’s match-up against the Houston Oilerrrrrr, Tennessee Titans means nothing in the overall standings, but many regular season expectations are based on what happens in the preseason. Tonight, we forget about how the team choked down the stretch last year and went 0-6 in divisional play. We forget about the anemic offense and we forget about the defense’s tendency to bend and then break at the worst possible time.

It’s about what they do from here-on-out that matters.

Sure, Dick Jauron’s back and we’ll all roll our eyes back into their sockets (at least the decisions he makes tonight won’t cost the team a playoff spot), but Trent Edwards has a few new toys to play with including Terrell Owens and a no-huddle offense that has been instituted by second-year offensive coordinator Turk Schonert. The starting offense won’t see much playing time but hopefully they’ll be able to move the chains and put up some points in the few series they do play.

The new offensive line will be in place minus starting right tackle Brad Butler (out with a lower back injury). It’s going to be exciting to see how rookie guards Andy Levitre and Eric Wood will fair in the first game of their professional careers.

Paul Posluszny will see action at middle linebacker and looks to lead a defense that ranked 28th in sacks and tied for 27th in interceptions. Tonight we get a new look at the defense against a team that loves to run the ball. Chris Johnson and LenDale White can be dangerous and the mentally and physically elusive Vince Young figures to get a lot of playing time.

And don’t forget about the throwback jerseys that debut tonight. Not going to go all Tim Gunn on you here, but they look pretty awesome. And with the Titans putting on the old Oilers colors, it should be a visually satisfying game if nothing else.

On a weekend celebrating the Bills’ past, tonight means we can start looking ahead to the future. Let the Year of T.O. begin.

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  1. Please tell me they’re going to wear the throwbacks full-time. At the very least wear the jerseys for every game.